Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random notes on my new "Wii Fit" balance board and training game ...

- Out of the dozen or so people purchasing a Wii Fit at Target this morning at 8:00am, all of them (including me) were middle-aged men. I tried joking with one of them about this and was met with a blank, zombie-like stare.

- I was the only one of the middle-aged men to have actually biked to the Target to get his Wii Fit.

- The Wii balance board has a weight limit of 300-some pounds. No doubt some enterprising hacker will figure out a way to wire two balance boards in parallel, one for each foot, for those over the limit ...

- The balance board is very solid, good feel, no cables or wires, with the ON switch meant to be flicked with your toe while standing (nice touch).

- The Wii balance board avatar on the screen speaks with a fine anime kitten voice.

- My Wii Fit Age is 28 (or 4 in Wii Fit Dog Years).

- Yes, it's actually fun, and (I think) even motivating.